Tuesday, November 13, 2007

AirVenture 2008 -- It's not too early to plan to go...

This morning's trove of e-mail brought one from our friends at the Experimental Aircraft Association noting that planning for EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2008 is well underway, along with some subtle reminders of why this event is like no other in the world.

My message is simple: Now is not too early to start planning your own visit to this aviation icon of an event. Whether you plan to fly yourself, endure a trip in a Human Mailing Tube, drive, camp, rent a house or hotel/motel room, think about getting ahead of the crush and start making your arrangements now. EAA's housing bureau can help those with accommodation needs.

And we will, as before, nudge everyone who plans to fly about the importance of getting, reading and keeping handy a copy of the AirVenture NOTAM the FAA will issue next Spring.

The dates are July 28 through Aug. 3. Hope to see you there, doing my traditional gig and a couple of podcasts, as well, like we did earlier this year.


Anonymous PilotChat said...

Hey guys, despite Jack's request, it's never TOO early to start talking about Oshkosh (at least a little bit!) Here's a thought. If you like Jimmy Buffett, how about getting some sort of buzz going to get the EAA, Ford, Eclipse and other EAA concert sponsors, to try to get Jimmy to play at Airventure. He's an authentic aviator and has universal appeal. I've been to his concerts, and as I'm sure many have heard, they are an absolute blast. Imagine playing for real "'flying' Parrotheads" at OSH!

I wrote to the EAA and got a reply from Dick Knapinski. I assume it's OK to quote the email exchange (I edited out the private email addresses) Here it is:

Thanks for your e-mail and for being part of EAA. Jimmy Buffett is certainly on any short list of performers we'd love to see at AirVenture, with the two major questions to answer being availability and cost, of course. We've had outstanding partners in Ford and Eclipse who have helped make the concerts possible over the past two years.

I can tell you that we will undoubtedly be in touch with Jimmy Buffett's people to see if something is possible. I think we'd all like to see him at Oshkosh some time.

Dick Knapinski

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I've been meaning to beg and exhort the EAA for this since back in July!

It may be too late, but PLEASE do try to get Jimmy Buffett to Airventure in 2008, or whenever you possibly can. Sure, I love the Beach Boys (I'm a Boomer) but I also think Jimmy Buffet, with his authentic aviation background and his universal appeal across age and social boundaries would be PERFECT for Airventure.

I'm sure you've had requests like this before and if so, I would strongly add my vote to them! I'm sure a lot of this depends on your sponsors. If so, please let us know who to lean on.


-Chat Chatterji

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