Friday, September 28, 2007

UCAP#48 Behind the Mic

Just posted UCAP #48.

Once again, we were trying some new things with the phone connections. The first 10 mins were a little rocky, but it settled down after that.

For extra credit, can you hear the two spots we had to re-record later, due to the really bad connection?

What happened was, we had three people in Atlanta sitting together. One on Skype, and two on cell phones. But the fact that each of their voices was being picked up by more than one mic was introducing really odd echoes, because each of their connections was slightly out of sync time-wise.

When we paused, and had everyone spread out (we edited out that part), things got much better.

It's a good episode, and we were happy to have Bolen and Poberezny join us.



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