Monday, October 01, 2007

A White House Awakening? Come on....

Some people are so quick on the uptake...reference this transcript of the President's statement after last week's White House visit by Mary Peters (SecDoT) and Bobby Sturgell, acting administrator of the FAA:

Today I'm joined by Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters, and the Acting
Administrator of the FAA, Bobby Sturgell. I want to thank you all for coming.

“We've been having a discussion about the fact that a lot of our air travelers
are not only inconvenienced, they're -- in some cases they're just not being
treated fairly. And there's a lot of anger amongst our citizens about the fact
that, you know, they're just not being treated right.

“And the Secretary and I have been talking about what to do about it, and I've
instructed her to report back to me as quickly as possible on two matters: One,
to make sure that consumers are treated fairly and complaints are listened to,
and that we address some of the egregious behavior that our consumers have been
subjected to. Endless hours sitting in a airplane on a runway, and there's no
communication between the pilot and the airport is just not right. And so Mary
is going to work very hard to make sure the system is much more responsive.

“The other issue, of course, is dealing with congestion. One of the reasons why
consumers on airlines, airline passengers are being so inconvenienced is because
the skies are too crowded. And there's some short-term things we're going to do,
and Mary is going to report back to me about what those will be.

“Also Congress needs to look at this FAA reauthorization -- I call
it ‘modernization’ -- and work with this department, and work with Bobby
bringing our FAA into the 21st century, so that our consumers and passengers and
citizens won't be inconvenienced with it.

“We've got a problem, we understand there's a problem, and we're going to
address the problem. Madam Secretary, I appreciate your willingness to do so.”

Guess that's settled, eh? Maybe, though, I should hold off on feeling warm-and-fuzzy...

Thoughts, folks?


Anonymous Landis said...

Yeah, I got some thoughts. But putting them down in text form on this website might get you shut down and me sent somewhere I don't want to go.

Thanks for sharing the transcript.

4:21 PM  
Anonymous Randy said...

All that from a man who hasn't seen a commercial airline seat for probably 20 years and likely has no plans of ever seeing one in the future. Stick to the talking points sir!

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Matt P said...

If he's plain-spoken, just shoot me.

4:20 PM  

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