Thursday, September 18, 2008

A New Look

We've made some changes here to the UCAP homepage.

Most important is that we've made a live connection between the "Episodes List" and the RSS Feed. The RSS Feed is the official list of eps, and now, when it is updated, the info here on the homepage will be updated at the same time. This should help those listeners who visit this page to check for new episodes.

The other change is that we've moved the blog here to the homepage. We're gonna reactivate it with more frequent postings about the podcast and aviation in general. Having it here on the homepage will make it easier to keep track of.

We always love hearing from our listeners. If you have any comments on this new look please leave them as comments to this blog post or on the Forums area.


Anonymous Dave said... can rightfully call me a little biased, but I like it!

The original design worked well, but as we've grown and morphed, it needed an update. Waytogo, Jack!

2:58 PM  
OpenID tinman said...

Are you going to have an RSS feed for the blog posts? Or is there one already?

2:00 PM  

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