Sunday, June 08, 2008

When Bad things Get turned into Good things...

Great story around this week, about a little airport in Alabama reopened!
And after sitting idle from being closed four years ago...amazing and worth considering.

Seems too often too many of us, jaded, perhaps, a a bit cynical, look at an outcome and say, "Well, that's the end of that...another one down the tubes..."

Here is proof positive that people can change outcomes with smart, diligent, never-say-die effort.

I'm betting there are other stories of a similar but less-extreme nature, worth hearing...

Maybe a local community that rallies to protect an airport threatened by an unfriendly airport-board member, incompatible development plans or because someone covets the real estate for "what it could be" -- if, of course, it was something less useful. Maybe its a story of how an airport, airplane or pilot helped someone, gave 'em a new chance, changed their life or saved one...maybe it's nothing more than a tale about one pilot making a new one by simply being the person who explains the joys of the GA community and small-plane flying to someone who converts, joins in and makes a difference of their own...

So here's an invitation to give us an earful...we'd love to hear any such stories, regardless of how small or seemingly inconsequential...UCAP has a place to make others aware -- so make us aware.

And remember the ultimate selling point of becoming a pilot: Time spent flying is NOT subtracted from your lifespan.



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