Thursday, August 23, 2007

Airport backup pics

Here are a couple of interesting pics from UCAP listener Stephen Amiaga.

Click on image for larger view.

Thought you might like to see what 23 planes waiting to go at LGA looks like from 1500 ft.

Distribute as you see fit, no charge. “For the cause…” Please credit photo by Steve Amiaga.

“And you wonder why there are so many delays at LaGuardia...”
(The tower dialog is made-up, but there are 23 planes waiting…)


Stephen Amiaga

Here’s another one from another day on another active runway…

This time they’re taking off RWY 13. Landing 22.

The two jets upper middle are waiting for a plane to land then they “boot-scoot-boogie” across the active.
It’s really comical to watch.

You’d think it’d be cheaper to just tow them out there using tugs with the engines off until they’re like #10 or so…

If you count the Citation X at the GA Ramp (lower right) and the United 757 coming out of the terminal, (upper right) there’s 23 in line in this one too…

Stephen Amiaga


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