Friday, January 26, 2007

So, there, Jack & Jeb ...On EAA's 54th Birthday

Here's a birthday for the over-50 crowd we should all be happy to celebrate (from EAA's weekly e-hotline, Friday, Jan. 26, 2007:

On January 26, 1953, three dozen people who enjoyed a keen interest in building their own airplanes met at Curtiss-Wright Field, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to discuss forming an organization to share their knowledge of and passion for aviation. Friday, January 26, marks the 54th anniversary of that first meeting of what would become your EAA.

EAA founder and Chairman Paul Poberezny wrote to a person inquiring about the young organization in March 1953 with words that still ring true today: "It is the intent of this Association to foster closer fellowship through the exchange of ideas of mutual interest and to aid in the reduction of cost of homebuilding and experimentation."

More about EAA's early history and chronology can be found on the EAA website Meanwhile, take a moment today to say, "Happy Birthday, EAA!"

So, Happy 54th, EAA! And congrats to Paul Poberezny and his co-founders on the enduring impact of their ideas and the organization that sprang from them!


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