Friday, January 26, 2007

MPL Traioning Started -- New Pilots get LESS Experience

Aero-News Net reports that Alteon, the pilot-training company, has started teaching its first class headed toward the new ICAO Multicrew Pilots License...that's a license to fly right seat in an airliner in 240 hours total time -- 170 of those hours in sims...and no single-pilot rights or privileges...

We're not sure this is the best route to satsifying the pilot shortage some developing countries are experiencing -- but looks like it's going to take a major event to change ICAO's thinking. Anybody remember the airline captain who died in-flight last week? That F.O. had to bring home the airliner solo...would an MPL crewman be up to that job? We've got our doubts.

Check out the training company's slant at:


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