Tuesday, August 04, 2009

They flew in, they flew out -- and in between they, and time, flew, too...

Whatta week, whatta hoot, whatta blast.

Sitting back in my office in Wichita, it's difficult to conceive that Oshkosh 2009 is over...it's over, I'm out.

So much fun, so much flying, so many old friends, so many new...and so great to see so many of you great folks there...and so great hearing from so many who couldn't make the trek.

The sense of melancholy that accompanies last-day coffee always surprises me a bit, knowing that just a few days earlier it felt like it would never end and continue through an eternity of aviating and air-show living...

Not suggesting that such an eternity wouldn't be a lot like heaven...but would expect the porta-potties to be, well, a bit more upscale.

To all who said "Hi," or pinged their greetings, thanks. You became a higher point in what was already for me the high point of any year.

To those who didn't make it or pay attention, "Hello! Here's next year's dates: July 26-Aug. 1..."

The best time to start planning for next year's Oshkosh is the day after the last one.

Be looking for ya!




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking forward to attending Oshkosh v.1 (for me, at least) next year. Sounds like it's going to be hard to top this year's show.


11:43 AM  

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