Sunday, June 28, 2009

UCAP Fly/Drive-In

Here's the motley crew from yesterday's really fun UCAP event at Barnes Westfield Airport (BAF).

l to r: Mike Wise, "Maxflight" & Lisa, Jeff O'Halloran(kneeling), Rick Felty, Jeff Ward (peering over from the back), John Wellington, Jack Hodgson, Doug Fortnam, Kim & "Turbo" Ed, & Mike Smith. All standing in front of Mike Wise's Sting S3 LSA.


Blogger Tom said...

I was glad to see that Turbo Ed was at your meetup. He is a local friend of mine who also has taken me for a chopper ride. Turbo is one of the most active pilots I know that flies his RV-6 almost every day. He is an accomplished pilot and volunteers his time to the Young Eagles program.
Tom Gilmore
from KSUA

9:42 AM  

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