Sunday, June 17, 2007

Looking for Mosier Field

Here's an audio comment that just came in.

wav file

The listener, who doesn't tell us his name, or even what part of the country he's from, tells the story of riding his bike out to find a small private airport he saw on the chart.

It's possible he's talking about Mosier Airport, a private field in Elk Grove Calif.

The Lat/Lon in Airnav takes us to this location in Google Maps

There could be a landing field at that location. But this looks more likely, just to the NW of that location.

Is there anyone out there who knows Mosier Field?


Blogger Jeb Burnside said...

Based on the runway orientation (15/33), I don't think either one is correct. Searching on the street address listed by, we get this. Same problem, though.

1:11 PM  

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