Sunday, April 29, 2007

Aviation category upgraded in iTune Store

The iTunes Store has finally given the "Aviation" podcasts category a real page in its listings.

Until now it's only provided a simple list of the podcasts in the category. But now there's a nice page, with "featured podcasts" and a real "top podcasts" list.

In the iTunes Store, click Podcasts, then Games & Hobbies, then Aviation.

While you're there we'd love to have you add some feedback about the podcast so others can decide if they want to listen in.

As of this morning UCAP is listed as the #6 podcast, but two of the ones above us are -- IMNSHO* -- actually travel podcasts, not really aviation.

(* "In My Not So Humble Opinion")


Anonymous David Allen said...

Awesome! It's great to see aviation getting some respect in the New Media world. I'll drop by and check it out. Clear skies!

11:30 AM  

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