Thursday, November 30, 2006

Nice landing

AvWeb's video of the day:

Cool pic

Air taxi op thriving

A North Dakota air taxi operator that uses Cirrus SR22 aircraft has doubled its business in each of the last two quarters.


Another Lycoming lawsuit

C172 rolls 90 degrees from 747 wake turbulence

From a story in AvWeb, this NTSB report talks about the near tragedy when a 172 was overtaken on final by a 747 for the parallel runway.


AvWeb points to video of Osprey in flight

From AvWeb:

AVweb's Russ Niles was on hand at Aviation Nation last week and brought back a terrific clip of the Osprey CV-22 making its public debut. We thought everyone would like to see it, so we're sharing it here as AVweb's "Video of the Week"

FAA Chimes In On Ethanol In Fuel

From the permalink-less AvWeb:

...while ethanol may be safer for the environment, it's toxic to airplane engines and the FAA says that if you can't find alcohol-free mogas for your STC'd aircraft engine, you'll have to switch back to 100LL. Alcohol increases the risk of vapor lock and can also introduce water into the fuel system as it cools at higher altitudes. It's also corrosive to rubber seals used in aircraft fuel systems and reduces the amount of power available from the fuel.

Obligatory first post

Here it is.