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Uncontrolled Airspace
The General Aviation Podcast

UCAP #16 "It's A Do-Over"

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Recorded: February 15, 2007

Jeb Burnside, Dave Higdon, Jack Hodgson

Direct link to mp3 audio file of show.

Technical gremlins added a special challenge to this episode, but we persevered. It just goes to show you the value of your preflight checklist. But finally... The gang marvels at the comings and goings at an ice airport... They remind us that old technology can still be very useful technology... They talk about some of the cool gadgets they've seen recently... And they respond to a whole flock of feedback from listeners... All this and more, on Uncontrolled Airspace, episode #16, "It's A Do-Over".

Direct link to mp3 audio file of show.

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